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Security in windows and doors


  • Invisible security
  • Classification up to WK3 according to DIN V ENV 1627
  • Windows and fronts until WK4-on request
  • Multifunctionality with anti-fire protection, protection against smoke and input monitoring


 Categories of resistance


  • WK1 – basic safety measures to resist attempts at theft, but not the tools

  • WK2 – intrusion is made with the aid of a screwdriver, pliers, etc., to force the opening of a door or window

  • WK3 – using a second screwdriver or crowbar to force the opening of locked doors or Windows

  • WK4 – use of saws, hammers, axes and levers, as well as battery-powered machines


 Hardware and accessories for doors


  • Proven profiles system
  • Various locking systems
  • Multiple locking with automatic lock mechanism available. Increased security by only closing the door (WK2) without locking
  • ECOLOCKING system Master Fox until WK3
  • Devices and special hardware to resist attempts to open locks with chisel and drill
  • Cannon with protection against drilling and extraction
  • Mestre Raposa ECOPROTECT – multiple security glass


 Hardware and accessories for Windows


  • Modular, multiple protective concept with robust security lock with lever protection and drill
  • Classification according to DIN V ENV 1627 resistance categories and WK1, WK2 and WK3
  • The Mestre Raposa ECOTEC package offers high security up to WK3
  • The Mestre Raposa ECOTEC package offers high security up to WK3
  • READ and SAVE package is based on the ECOTEC safely to WK2
  • Aesthetically attractive hardware with maximum protection
  • VDS magnetic alarm systems, can be integrated


 Advantages of ECOPROTEC


  • Effective, proven protection even with the use of explosives within the WKEPR1 values
  • Invisible security and light functions, allowing the view and transparency to be preserved
  • Available in single or insulating glass
  • Possibility of combination of protection against intrusion, projectiles and explosives
  • High-level efficiency through optimal combinations of thicknesses of glass and multi-layered
  • High functionality and aesthetics
  • Mestre Raposa ECOSYSTEM, a protection package from safety glass (also anti-fire ECOFLAM) to profiles and accessories
  • Invisible security

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